Next Vigil
12th Aug 2020
12 noon at Westminster Bridge
Meeting at
Westminster Bridge
Followed by 12:30 Mass at St Georges Cathedral

Vigil 2020 Schedule

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Peaceful prayer vigil for the lives of the unborn

Vigil Start Location

12 noon: Westminster Bridge – followed by Holy Mass at St Georges Cathedral

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All welcome to join us to pray for the unborn and the end of abortion

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About iHope – London

iHOPE  – International Helpers Operation; Prayer for Europe

iHope was founded on 12 December 2012, the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe,  to hold regular vigils and processions at the HQ of International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). This Global baby killing machine has been identified as  the preeminent arm of Satan’s influence to destroy the family.

The operation was blessed by the late Archbishop Peter Smith and his replacement John Wilson.  IPPF’s funding, influence and control of NGO’s, governments and women is profound. iHope engaged in a Joshua inspired Jericho Assault on the organisation.  On the 12th of each month for 7 years we held night watch vigils and processions at and around the building to bring the financial, social, spiritual etc. walls down.  This culminated with a spiritual Trumpet Blast on 12 Dec 2019.

iHope Rescue Mission

As in Holy Scripture, after the walls fell in Jericho, there were some that needed rescuing.  iHope is now lead by Germain Burton who is Miriam’s wife; it continues and seeks those who are abandoning IPPF.  We pray virtually in the same way but invite all around the world to join us wherever they are and IPPF is around the world.  We also now pray from IPPF HQ on Zoom (the Zoom hour -14:30 – 15:30 ) so that others can join in at there local IPPF office/clinic or anywhere they deem suitable.   You may be aware that a number of serious scandals has hit IPPF and reduced funding from the US government has impacted the organisation.


Be the figure carrying Our Lady who embraces the roses that are harmed by abortion

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