Continuous Global Jericho Prayer

Pope John Paul II said that “there is a need for large scale prayer for life”.  We can do this everywhere that abortions take place.  We can simply walk around the building 7 times praying the Rosary with a colleague concluding with the loudly sung “Glory Be”.  This will be the Trumpet Blast as you carry the Ark of the Covenant and today’s Jericho walls will fall.  We just need enough prayers and trumpet blasts!  So encourage others to do this so we can get Continuous Global Jericho Prayers to take down the abortion camps worldwide, you know it makes sense.

The killing of the unborn is a clear sign of a heartless people and nation; be they clothe and justify it with fancy words, excuses, rights and justifications.  The spilt blood cries to heaven for justice but we can cry for mercy and forgiveness for a repentant soul and lamenting heart.

We can make sacrifices and pleadings for these little ones and their parents and even their assailants, this is what it is to be Christian, a follower of Christ.  From on our knees in prayer we can raise them up and hold them close so they feel loved as we feel loved by Our Lord and saviour.

Share the love, save a life.