iHope History

Our Lady of Guadalupe, under her newer title of “Mother of Life for Europe”, with Wolfgang Hering and Joe Clovis had started the Annual 500 Crosses for Life Peaceful Public Prayer Procession in London in 2001.  Our Lady and Wolfgang would come each year, and soon the date on which this event took place became known as “Remembrance Saturday” which is always the Saturday before Remembrance Sunday.  It was named so because Remembrance Sunday commemorates the tens of millions lost in the 2 World Wars.  Abortion is an undeclared world war on the unborn, it should be called World War III because WWI was a war that had frontlines in barren places across Europe where men died horribly in large numbers. In WWII the frontline moved to the homes of families where men, women and children died by the hand of a faceless enemy.  In WWIII the frontline has moved deep into future of every country where there are billions of war victims who never saw the light of day or their enemy. It is the ultimate war against the image and likeness of God.

500 Crosses for Life had been running successfully for a number of years and Joe realised that this annual event was not enough since it was not having a deep enough impact on the culture and the promoters of abortion.  They decided that it would be good to take the battle to the promoters of the killing since there were others dealing with the political and educational aspects of abortion. Namely SPUC, Family Life International, Care and more.  Good Counsel Network, 40 Days for Life, Helpers of God’s Precious Infants and others were assisting mothers who presented themselves at the abortion clinics; all these organisations were doing very good work with very little publicity, small amounts of money and few willing to brave the elements of weather, public ridicule and demands of their time.  However, with hearts filled with love for desperate mothers and helpless babies, they have been persevering.  Yet Wolfgang and Joe saw that no one was tackling the promoters and providers of abortion themselves, namely IPPF, Marie Stopes, BPAS and others who had incredible funding from government, businesses  and wealthy donors, plus very biased support from the media including the UK’s state broadcaster the BBC not to mention Facebook, Twitter and others.  And thus we have a struggle for unborn babies between the extremely wealthy, the politically powerful and a shockingly deceitful media on one side and those who have faith and love in their minds and hearts as they follow the Truth.  It is the David and Goliath story all over again. David armed himself with 5 stones and a sling to bring to the battle and defeated the rude and reckless oaf called Golioaf.  We carry 5 decades of beads and a string to this same battle, it’s called a Rosary.  The 5 decades are prayed with love and aimed to rescue the little ones from their executioner in IPPF.  You know how it ends!

Abortion is a Burning House

Imagine a house is on fire and you see the flames and make your way to the scene.  You see people screaming and trying to get out but are beaten back by the flames.  You hear the fire engine in the distance and you see a number of people helping the victims escape, what do you do that can make a real difference?  You see a gas pipe and tap, you know that the fire is being fuelled by this remote source and so any good person would try to turn it off.  That is what we need to do through prayer, vigils, and processions, fasting, evangelising and loving the victims of abortion. If we can stop the fuelling of this great fire of our day then the walls of today’s Jericho, which is worldwide, will fall.  It is not easy but it is worthwhile because it is God’s work.

IPPF Global Headquaters

The IPPF Headquarters is emblematic of the organisation and its deception since the walls are of different coloured brick type panels suggesting that they are concerned about all people. However, there seems to be run by a mix of powerful, wealthy and ideologically driven people that are motivated by eugenics. The gray steel columns and beams bolted together give it its strength and almost a sense of permanence; and these represent the executives etc. who keep order and are unflinching in their mission. For example they say the 3% of their work is abortion yet they could and would not sacrifice that 3% even if it meant that the USA would remove the $500,000,000 per year grant of US tax payers money. This is how important killing babies are for them. The large glass windows, bright lights, euphemisms and the incomplete phrases and slogans are also part of the illusion that they are open or transparent about what they do and who they are. The course between the brick represents the billions of dollars that this company has and uses to kill unborn and new born babies, and even undermine nation states demographics along with its profusion of evil. Its location which is less than 1 mile as the crow flies from the famous and infamous Tower of London which over the centuries has seen the spilling of much innocent blood.

Since our prayers started at IPPF they have installed many security cameras inside and around the entrance with infra red night vision, had internal gates fitted and the front door is no longer opened to the public. Just like when the prayer warriors pray and sing at the door IPPF staff close all the windows as if all their security measures and shutting windows keep them safe from the truth.

Jericho Prayer

After much prayer and deliberation Wolfgang asked Msg. Philip Reilly, the founder of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants and other pro-life organisations, if it would be wise to take on IPPF directly?  The negative advice was heeded and so they waited while honing a peace plan.   They settled for a Jericho Prayer, seven times, around London’s political and spiritual organs that have enabled IPPF to become the Goliath that it is.   With much preparations including arranging accommodation, special prayer routines, a clearly mapped out encircling route, a coordinated team and handover times for this 24hr event.  The 9 mile hike was a challenge since preparation, fasting and focus was a very demanding for 7 pairs of ordinary but faithful, fearless men.

This 2 manned procession would start from George St praying the Rosary and would sprinkle holy salt and place a miraculous medal at the prayer stops where a whole rosary would be said. The 1st was Buckingham Palace as there the 1967 abortion law was enacted. Then BPAS near Covent Garden where abortions are performed, then Courts of Justice where the Law was refined, then Lambeth Palace where the culture of death got its 1st and 2nd footholds into Christianity; 1st being divorce and 2nd being contraception. We also prayed for Parliament, Downing Street and the Dept. of Health, which are within the ring of prayer and were crucial in plotting the demise of 9 million innocent babies and there would be descendents, to date. The handover between the pairs would be at the Franciscan Sisters of Malta Convent in Pimlico. It would be fair to say that when it was over there was quite a relief.




iHope London

1 year later Wolfgang approached Msg. Reilly again and presented the IPPF Termination plan for review.  Msg. Reilly gave the go ahead for the iHope, International Helpers; Operation Prayer for Europe/England saying that it is time and it is urgent.  However a vital condition was attached to his commissioning of this mission for their own protection and the success of the mission. They needed the blessing for the mission from the Archbishop of the diocese where the HQ is situated.   In prayer they requested a meeting with Archbishop Peter Smith which was granted very promptly.  The meeting was a complete success and after the blessing it was full steam ahead.

They decided to visit IPPF HQ in London to see what exactly it looked like and what kind of reception they would get.  They 1st went to the registered HQ in swanky Regents Park only to find out that IPPF had moved to Newhams Row, Bermondsey less than a mile from the Tower of London where many innocent people were legally tortured to death by the state.  The location seemed ominous and the building ill suited. They entered but were not able to speak to anyone apart from the receptionist.  The area looked like the descriptions given in the 60s and 70s of the kind of place where back street abortions were happening.

After forming a special team of prayer warriors committed to peaceful prayer and hearts of love for the mothers, babies and the IPPF workers, they arranged for the purging team of men to cleanse the area with fasting and night prayer.  The IPPF workers are not there at night but evil is still very much present.  It was for this reason the purging prayers were needed, this is some way was akin to a priest when he purifies sacred vessels.

The Mission

The mission is launched as they meet at the HQ of IPPF at midnight 12th of December of 20012 with a number of friends of the unborn from across Europe.  It was the coldest night of the decade and the silver glint on the rough tarmac ground was still as frost clung to it while each two 2 manned prayer teams prayed the rosary for a total of 6hrs.  03:00 would be the changeover time from 1 team to the other.  Then they would go to 12:30 Mass at the Cathedral where they would get a blessing for their work and as temples of the Blessed Sacrament they would process with “the Mother of Life for Europe” to the HQ of IPPF in Newhams Row London.  Relieved at the end but still it lacked something, it needed to be repeated.

This started what would be a developing monthly prayer procession vigil where “The Mother of Life for Europe” would travel to London to lead this developing mission.  Her flight with Wolfgang from Munich Germany was always paid for by Europrolife and collections were requested from other pro-life organisations and those who wanted to support this mission.  The prayers were explicitly for abortions victims and workers of IPPF and to end the organisations provision, practice and promotion of abortions.  It became apparent that prayer worriers needed prayer and protection also.  Yet one morning as the night watchmen leaned on the glass walls of IPPF peering into the foyer their eyes scanning the large map of the world lit by 100s of tiny light signifying their presence in virtually every country.  A sense of questioning the reason for being there facing this huge organisation with all the money it commands, all the influence it has and all the media and political support it possesses, a spirit of deeper prayer came over the 4 men during that change over at 03:00.  It was decided that each country needed to be included in the prayer and also a significant figure in the battle (for or against life) would be identified and prayed for also.    This was a real turning point and significant as there were signs that something was changing.  It looked like pro-life activities were having a few successes including exposing many IPPF scandals and leading up to the election of Donald Trump as US president, which was explicitly the prayer intentions of the night watch and procession vigil in the October 2016 to the chagrin of ‘The Tablet,’ a Catholic rag and other pro-aborts.

iHope Jericho

Then after the 5 years of monthly prayers a new inspiration struck Joe Clovis.  This whole prayer mission was like at Jericho of the Old Testament.  In Prayer the similarities were identified and the preparation for an enhancement of the mission was perused.  The similarities were that IPPF are the walls of Jericho which protected an abomination of behaviours, ideas and promotion of evil worldwide and not least of all the killing of unborn babies during and after birth, selling their body parts, euthanasia, population control, eugenics, racism, sex instructions in schools, pornography, prostitution, the ever evolving gay/trans agendas, encouraging China’s forced aborting and sterilising of women to say but a few.  Their loud and proud stance against injustice towards women and claims for women’s rights caught the imagination of many which has led to funding by western governments and multinationals which gave them political acceptability worldwide.  Media organisations gave them the respectability they craved and really helped build this wall to hide the truth of the evil they practiced.  IPPF executive rubbed shoulders with many the powerful, famous and very rich people to further its aims to kill as many babies and in particular from the developing world.  In many countries where food and clean water is scarce there are plenty of contraception pills, devices and treatments for sterilisations and abortions.


The Trumpet Blast Request

Having read Joshua’s assault on Jericho our mission stage became clearer, Joe Clovis realised that the 7th year would have to culminate in a trumpet blast, a spiritual Trumpet Blast since the iHope is a totally spiritual mission.  However, Archbishop Peter Smith, who had been kept informed of the iHope mission, was getting on in age was now in poor health.  He had retired and was awaiting a replacement.  This was a worrying time for Wolfgang, Joe and their prayer warriors so they prayed that he would not be replaced before 12 December 2019.   On the 10 June 2019 Bishop John Wilson was appointed as Archbishop of Southwark and with a sharp intake of breath Wolfgang and Joe made every effort to meet with him for obvious reasons.  The Lord provided an opportunity as a funeral of one of the priests in the diocese fell on the same day as the iHope and they had an impromptu meeting with him afterwards.  This proved to be quite beautiful and very fruitful; Joe went away and wrote the details of the trumpet Blast for the new Archbishop to consider along with all the newness of Southwark.  The Trumpet Blast was on but the Archbishop would not able to personally attend but would send a deputy Fr Daniel Weatherly who had been supporting the mission since 2016.  The year and monthly vigil processions developed further by encircling the whole block of buildings at IPPF 6 times with Our Lady during the night watch and the 7th at the end of each vigil procession. Special oil was used to bless and protect those on the night watch and a Holy candle was lit at IPPF HQ during the night watch as it was ever more important to bring the light to the darkness.

The Trumpet Blast

The 2 man team turned up for the night watch with Our Lady, and at 3am they handed over to the next team.  After some rest they met on Westminster Bridge at midday for the Angelus with “The Mother of Life for Europe” on their shoulders whereon they processed to the Cathedral for mass.  Fr Daniel offered the sacrifice of the mass.  As soon as he received Holy Communion Joe left the cathedral with urgency and 2 exorcists and drove to IPPF HQ for them to perform the necessary exorcism in preparation for the Trumpet Blast.  In the mean time the prayer procession made their way to the HQ in the normal way singing and praying the Rosary lead by Wolfgang following Our Lady who was carried on the shoulders of 4 Friars of Renewal.  As they turned the corner onto Newhams row the exorcists turned towards her and bowed at her approach.  The slow marched carried the tension and terror of the mission.  She stood before the walls and moments later the hidden trumpet, which was concealed in the garments of a priest, was revealed without ceremony and pressed on the lips of all the warriors who kneeled to kiss the relic of the true cross of Jesus Christ.  The silent din charged through the edifice unbeknown to its occupants since, unlike Jericho, God did not let them know about the pending destruction of their world of evil.  At the end the prayer warriors raised up our Lady and proceeded to complete the 7th and final circling of the IPPF HQ.  In song and prayer they made their way back to St George’s Cathedral the work of 7 years completed.

iHope Rescue Mission

Now, as in scriptures, after the walls that had denied the sanitising light of truth from entering Jericho, had fallen due to the passage of the Arc of the Covent and the trumpet blast, there were some people that desired rescuing from the devastation.  Rehab and her family wanted to be saved from that culture of death.  This is the same in our modern day Jericho called IPPF.  IPPF is the global Jericho, its walls have been breached and there are many (Rehab’s family) in this worldwide federation that will be seeking rescue.  Many people have been entangled with this industry of death all their working lives, they have been fooled by the ideology or enticed by money or overcome by their vanity or seduced by friendship, choked by guilt or overawed by a flawed sympathy, blinded by pseudo science and definitions of life, baby and person. And many just want a job to clothe, feed and house their families and so they cannot see the blood on their hands or conscience since the killing had never stopped.

Images of the daily work of IPPF are denied to the public, it’s masked by euphemism, and it’s cleansed from the internet by Google, Facebook Twitter etc.  Some have tried to ban these images from the street because the proponents of the culture of death know that the truth will set their employees, their friends, the public and pregnant mothers free.

iHope has evolved to iHope Rescue Mission (RM) to bring the light of truth to these survivors of the ongoing mayhem that is IPPF.  We continue to offer sacrifice and prayer for the mothers and their children confronted by the jaws of death and the prayer warriors who have responded to the call and have been chosen to be part of the Rescue Mission.  But most particularly for those poor victims within the IPPF machine that so need to be freed from its claws, now known as Rahab’s family.  We try with our whole heart to present ourselves as true friends of Christ bringing the Good News to them.  We carry within us Our Lord and saviour with tenderness so as to emit the love of brothers and sisters of Christ.   As temples of the Blessed Sacrament we kneel before IPPFs victims to offer every help we can to those seeking to escape worldwide.  And we do this through love and out of love, for love because we have met love and now live.

What to do

IPPF is a federation and is crumbling, be assured its global reach and impact has touched you and your family.  Every nation and people has suffered under its fist, its foot, its gaze and its voice either directly or by its affiliates that have euphemistic names like its own.  Planned Parenthood never plans parenthood it plots barrenhood as does its children and from its branches the fruits are testimony to its roots.  You would do well to know where these branches are because you may be called on to help someone trying to save lives or escape death themselves.  If and when you are called please rise to the call for their sake and yours.

Orders & Prayer Groups

Holy orders and prayer groups are vital for this work for many reasons.  Please contact the ones you know to invite them to take part in this vital rescue mission.  You can send them the URL for this website or give them the email address ihopelondon@gmail.com or phone number.  They can join on Zoom or offer masses, adoration, prayers or sacrifices as individuals or the whole community, whatever fits with their order. It would be nice, but not essential, to send a message saying that they are taking part.  There may be other ways in which they would like to support the Rescue Mission feel free to do so and to practice them nad even lets us know about them.

After mass in many churches Rosary groups gather to pray, please consider asking them to include our intention in their Rosary.  Our prayer intention changes slightly each month but core is for the mothers, babies and those who work for IPPF that need rescuing who are called Rahab’s Family.

Prayer Warriors

As a prayer worrier it is encumbant on you to be prepared.  You must be in a state of grace, having recently been to confession, for Satan assess your actions to judge your conscience to tell you that you are not worthy and distract you from your holy work.  Don’t let that happen!  If you can and want to venture out to an abortion clinic then do not go alone. That is fool hardy, do not do it.  Go with at least 1 other person, Our Lord sent the Apostles out two by two so that they can defend each other from Satan and stupidity.  You will need a blessed Rosary, your basic minimum weapon system for your own spiritual and physical safety.   However, holy water, blessed salt, prayer book, miraculous medal, scapula are all very useful for your prayer vigil.  If you can carry them bring them because you may be necessary for the person that needs your help.  And also we don’t need any martyrs at this point in time, the time will come for sure but it’s not yet.  We must stay on target, which is to rescue those who are trying to escape the collapse and the clutches of the culture of death, so that these poor victims of lies, licence and lifelessness can come to know Divine Mercy.  For we and they can gain this if we remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known, that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help, or sought your intersection, was left unaided.  Inspired with the confidence, we fly unto you, O Virgin of virgins, our Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not our petitions, but in your mercy, hear and answer us, Amen.